I am Leo ... the world's first bunny blogger. And, yes, I'm a real bunny. Actually, I'm an 11-year old black Holland mini lop with silver grey under all four paws. That's me to your left (if you can't see me, please go and get the Flash plugin). And if you're on an iPad or iPhone, well you definitely won't see me. I live indoors in a Yaletown condo in Vancouver, British Columbia. You might recall seeing this part of town during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

So in case you're wondering ... what's a bunny doing blogging? Well, aside from wanting to be the first one out of the pen (so to speak), I want you to know that bunnies have things to say too. I have a life and, at times, get busy (hip hop, hip hop) so I don't blog every day. To read what I have to say please go to blogs or to see me live check out my webcam.

If you would like to email me, I can be reached at leo@bunnyblogger.com or you can follow me on Twitter. The only thing about Twitter is that there's never enough space to say what I have to say.